[MCN] Forest Service muzzles Forest Service scientist over fire report

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Thu Sep 17 20:28:24 EDT 2015

"Whereas any one line of evidence may be weak in itself, a number of 
lines of evidence, taken together and found to be consistent, 
reinforce one another exponentially."

"What one can say with confidence is that success in understanding 
the oxygen cycle of the biosphere in truly broad terms will depend on 
how good we are at weaving together the related strands of 
biospheric, atmospheric, hydrospheric and lithospheric evolution 
throughout geologic time. Whatever we may conjecture about any one of 
these processes must be consistent with what is known about the 

Preston Cloud and Aharon Gibor. The Oxygen Cycle.
Scientific American, September 1970

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