[MCN] calling families and kids to join free cycles in parade saturday

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Wed Sep 23 12:21:23 EDT 2015

Free Cycles invites all people on bicycles, esp. families and kids, to
join us in the Homecoming parade this Saturday, Sept. 26th.  The parade
theme is 'Tradition of Champions' and Free Cycles will represent with
'Bicycle Champions, Inspirations and Characters'.

Come as a superhero on a bike?  Cartoon character?  Movie actor? 
Dinosaur? Or even your friend that inspires you!

The Free Cycles float is #69 and we line up by 9:30am on Ryman in front of
City Hall.  Please come!

ps. we'll be making some capes and other parade attire tonight at free
cycles from 6:30-8pm as part of a family craft night at the bike shop.

Bob Giordano, Director
Free Cycles Missoula
Shop: 732 S. 1st St. West, ph. 541.7284
10AM-6PM Tues-Sat
Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation
www.strans.org, mist at strans.org, 406-880-6834

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