[MCN] Help Send Missoula's students to The National Speech and Debate Tournament

Adriel Ezra Shearer ezra.shearer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 22:35:33 EDT 2016

We need your help to send Missoula's representatives to the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Salt Lake City.
This June twelve of Missoula's brightest students will be representing Montana at the National Speech and Debate Tournament. They are all working hard to raise the necessary funds but need your support to reach their goal.

This Saturday from 9-12 Hellgate High School will be hosting a book sale in the Hellgate High School cafeteria. If you can't make that check out their website accepting direct donations here. <http://missoulaspeechanddebate.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=94584bf7aeee1a531712d2d3e&id=d38b55344f&e=ec7c0eff6c> Or contact Keri Shelkey <mailto:kari.shelkey at gmail.com?subject=Donations%20for%20Nationals.>. Hellgate is sending Koessler Tolleson-Knee, Haley Wilson, Leia Behunin, Dillon Deschamps, Llwyn Clark-Gaynor and Zoe Nelson
Visit Sentinel High School's online auction  <http://missoulaspeechanddebate.us3.list-manage.com/track/click?u=94584bf7aeee1a531712d2d3e&id=922ed7fa91&e=ec7c0eff6c>for a wide range of items to bid on. Or donate directly here. <http://missoulaspeechanddebate.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=94584bf7aeee1a531712d2d3e&id=2eebc5efc1&e=ec7c0eff6c> Sentinel is sending Myranda Schee, Taylor Gregory, Kellis Rosenquist, Chris Malcomson and Max Thibeau. 

To support Big Sky's Kennedy Bahm contact Nick Malinak at Big Sky High School.

Thanks for your support and save the date for Missoula's tournament on November 11th and 12th. 

And anyone who is a fan of Track and Field MCPS needs help hosting this year's state tournament. Let me know if anyone is interest.

Ezra Shearer
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