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Dear Editor, would you please include the following separate events in the
daily news digest?

Event One

Wheaton Labs is hosting a Permaculture Tasting
<http://www.permies.com/t/56767/labs/Permaculture-Tasting-Workshop>!  Bee
care, hands-on-soil experiments, seed bombs and more!
July 1st-3rd: $130

Friday 5:00 pm: Soil building experiments followed by Popcorn and

If you haven't seen Paul's World Domination DVD set, here is your chance!
Watch and discuss hugelkultur with other permies, hang from the rafters and
groove on some organic popcorn. Come earlier if you want to experience
eco-cooking on outdoor rocket stoves.

Saturday 8:30 - 10:15 am: Seed bombs for diverse cover cropping. Bring life
to bare soil.

Saturday 10:30 - 12:00 Wild edibles walk. Bring a basket, it's Saskatoon

Saturday 12:00 - 1:00 Lunch: Eco-cooking options available, bring a lunch
to go with the wild edibles you've harvested.

Saturday 1:00  - 5:00 pm: Guest Speaker Kelly Ware. Perennial species to
feed your bees in zone 4 and 5.

Overview of Darren Doherty's Regenerative Ag Design Course (REX 10)
Valuable info on climate, geography, water, access, forestry, buildings,
fencing, soils, economy and energy.

Sunday 8:30 - 12:30 pm: Guest Speaker Jacob Wustner. Transitioning towards
organic beekeeping, assembling a hive and mid-summer hive inspection.

Sunday 12:30 - 2:00 Lunch

Sunday 2:00 - TBD:  Hugelkultur with good steep sides the Sepp Holzer
method. Further soil building experimentation.

[b]Camp for free on one of our soft and sandy tent pads or reserve one of
our natural buildings. Ever stayed in a tipi?

Event Two

Well Digging Workshop:
<http://www.permies.com/t/56785/labs/drilling-Workshop> August 5th-7th $250
All inclusive!

Free food, free lodging and free pickup and drop off in Missoula.

Limited to only 10 participants, so reserve your spot now. We will dig for
water! Workshop will includes classroom discussions and hands on
activities.  You will learn how to weld and build an auger rig. Your
instructors will be Jim and Evan.

Discussion topics covered:

-Where to dig?

-Methods of digging


-Sanitation and water quality

-Installing the casing

-Types of pumps

Thursday Aug 4th:

5pm - Arrival by evening in Missoula

7pm - First dinner at Cooper Cabin

Friday Aug 5th:

8am - Breakfast

9am - Tour of the laboratory. Explore the wofatis, rocket mass heaters, see
the creek!, lemon tree site, hugelkultur

11am – Classroom: Well drilling/digging methods. Discussion on auger,
percussion, vs. hydraulic

1pm - Lunch and break

3pm - Basic introduction to stick welding. Everyone gets to try welding
powered by the solar leviathan!

7pm- Dinner

Saturday Aug 6th:

8am - Breakfast

9am – Classroom: Where to dig? Indicator plants, county resources, geology,

10am - Lets Dig!

1pm - Lunch and break

3pm – Classroom: Sanitation and legalities

4pm - Lets Dig!

7pm - Dinner with Paul and the Ant Village residents

Sunday Aug 7th:

8am - Breakfast

9am - Lets Dig while its cool out!

Noon – Classroom: Installing the casing

1pm - Lunch and break

3pm - Classroom: Types of pumps and installation

4pm - Install the casing!

Monday Aug 8th:

8am - Breakfast

9am - Shuttle returns to Missoula airport for departures

Later - Basecamp tour for those still around

Feel free to stay through the week and continue working on the wells.

Accommodation and Food:

Lodging is included. Attendees may all sleep Cooper Cabin or set up a tent
nearby. Private rentals of cabins and wofatis are available. Email
janet at richsoil.com for more info.

All meals will be provided including Thursday dinner and the last being
Monday breakfast. Meals will be organic or better! All meals will include
some vegan options. We can try to accommodate some special requests. Some
of the food will be harvested locally right from Wheaton labs! There might
be some homebrew beer available! Expect a basic, but tasty, healthy, and
filling menu.

Our airport shuttle will run Thursday afternoon and Monday morning.

Thank you Missoula Community News!
Janet Branson

Resort Manager/Event Coordinator

Wheaton Labs
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