[MCN] Thank you, Matthew: re Stop Sen Tester & Sen Daines from supporting terrible "Energy Bill"

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Tue Jun 7 18:10:36 EDT 2016

>Please don't believe the hype! In many cases Senator Jon Tester 
>supports the same anti-environmental, anti-wildlife, anti-public 
>lands and pro-oil, pro-coal policies as Senator Steve Daines.
>Help Stop the Wildlife-Killing "Energy Bill" in Congress
>TAKE ACTION via this alert from Defenders of Wildlife here: 
>It's supposedly an energy bill, but the "North American Energy 
>Infrastructure Act of 2016" contains a lethal dose of anti-wildlife 
>amendments that will lead to dead wolves, dead bears and the 
>destruction of many important wildlife protections.
>And while pro-oil, pro-coal, climate change denying provisions are 
>despicable, the anti-wildlife measures are equally catastrophic.
>Tell your senators to protect wildlife and oppose this deadly bill!
>EMAIL Senator Tester here: 
>EMAIL Senator Daines here: 
>As one of your constituents, I strongly urge you to reject outright 
>the House passed substitute to the "Energy Policy Modernization Act 
>of 2016," (S.2012). The House bill is filled with ideological 
>attacks on our public lands and wildlife. It in no way provides a 
>reasonable basis for discussion of a sound energy package.
>The bill represents little more than an invitation to undermine 
>wildlife conservation, public lands and bedrock environmental laws 
>and protections. It also fails to address, and in some provisions 
>completely undermines, our ability to deal with climate change.
>Consideration of House passed S. 2012 would open the door to 
>provisions that strip protections for endangered species, block 
>efforts to crack down on the illegal trade in African elephant 
>ivory, bar conservation measures for wolves and bears on over 100 
>million acres of federal land in Alaska, severely limit public 
>involvement and judicial review of energy projects and upend 
>management of our national wildlife refuges, parks, forests and 
>other public lands.
>This is not a serious energy bill. Instead, it is a bloated bundle 
>of widely condemned provisions that the House could not get through 
>the Senate as stand-alone bills. America wants an energy bill that 
>proactively addresses climate change and a sustainable energy 
>future, not one that throws every harmful ideological scheme that 
>comes up at the wall in hopes that something sticks and gets passed.
>I urge you not to reward the House's unconstructive and underhanded 
>approach and to reject outright the House passed S. 2012 legislation.
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"The biosphere -- this thin film of air and water and soil and life 
no deeper than ten miles, or one four-hundredth of the earth's radius 
-- is now the setting of the uncertain history of man."

"Man must learn to see himself in his true place and proportion in 
the biosphere."

  The Editors, Scientific American. Foreword to The Biosphere, the 
book version of Scientific American's September 1970 special issue on 
The Biosphere.
"As an endangered species and an endangering one, we need, 
collectively, all the self-understanding and self-direction that we 
can muster."

M. Brewster Smith. "Perspectives on Selfhood."
Presidential Address to American Psychological Association. Printed 
in American Psychologist, December 1978
"What can be said with some assurance is that there is a unique and 
nearly ubiquitous compound, with the empirical formula 
H(2960)O(1480)C(1480)N(16)P(1.8)S, called living matter.  Its 
synthesis, on an oxidized and uncarboxylated earth, is the most 
intricate feat of chemical engineering ever performed - and the most 
delicate operation that people have ever tampered with."

Edward S. Deevey, Jr.  Mineral Cycles,
Scientific American, September 1970.

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