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Footloose Montana reminds Montanans that the wolf-trapping season begins
December 15, 2016 and ends February 28, 2017.  Large, dangerous steel
leg-hold traps are hidden across Montana’s landscape, often encircling bait
that lures any animal or carnivorous bird.  Dog owners should be on alert
and will be safest recreating with their dogs on trap-free areas such as
Bass Creek, Pattee Canyon and Blue Mountain around Missoula.  The
Rattlesnake National Recreation Area is trap-free but does not allow dogs
during the winter months.  Ground set traps are prohibited in the Lake Como
Ski Area from December 1 through March 31.

For details about trapping in other areas, please refer to Fish, Wildlife
and Parks, http://fwp.mt.gov/eBook/hunting/regulations/2016/wolf/index.html or
pick up a copy at your local FWP office.

  There is no limit to the number of wolf traps set in Montana.  Traps do
not have warning signs.  A 150-foot setback is required for wolf traps
along open roads and hiking trails on public lands.  Trapping licenses are
available to anyone 12 years or older for $20 for five animals per
hunter/trapper.  There is a 48-hour mandatory trap check.  It is unlawful
to disturb any trap or trapped wildlife belonging to a trapper without
permission of the owner of the trap.  Wolves do not defend their kills and
rarely pose a threat to human safety.

If you see a trap, if your pet or livestock is missing or caught in a trap,
please notify Footloose Montana, info at footloosemontana.com, 406-282-1482,
P.O. Box 8884, Missoula, MT  59807, so we can post the location on our map
at www.footloosemontana.org for others to check before planning outings.
Your name will be kept confidential.

*Contact:  Connie Poten, 406-549-4647*

Constance J. Poten
4175 Rattlesnake Drive
Missoula, MT  59802

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