[MCN] Wilderness (Part III)

John Meyer John at cottonwoodlaw.org
Fri Oct 21 15:48:51 EDT 2016

Hey Bozeman and Missoula,

I talked to some mountain bikers and a Montana Wilderness group last week
about the dreaded "C" word: collaboration.

It sounds like the Lionhead area is recommended Wilderness. If it is
designated as Wilderness, mountain bikers won't be allowed to continue
riding there. I rode the Sheep Creek to Mile Creek area of the Lionhead
last year. It was an awesome ride. There were no hikers, but there were
plenty of people on bikes.

I asked a mountain biker group if they would support Wilderness designation
for the Snowcrest Range if they could keep riding in the Lionhead area.
They said yes.

There are probably people on these listserves that don't like this idea.
After pointing out what you don't like, please offer everyone an
alternative that will get some Wilderness designated.

Good luck hunting. And have a great weekend,

[image: Inline image 1].

Mile to Sheep.



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