[MCN] Beer & ballots at "The Art of the Vote"

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Nonpartisan art event for local balloting
From: U.Lab Missoula Hub
Contact: Jenny Mish
Tel: (406) 240-6474
Email: jmishsings at gmail.com

A unique First Friday art event will celebrate “#GoVote” images by hundreds of artists and provide nonpartisan information on initiatives and local races for undecided voters. A rotating display of creativity will inspire voters while drinking beer or kombucha, munching on a Polish sausage, and probing for last-minute clarity on elusive ballot issues at Imagine Nation Brewing on Friday, November 4 from 5-8pm. 

“Many voters skip over the local issues and candidates, such as the judges and the Public Service Commissioners, even though these same voters care deeply about the impacts of these races,” said Jenny Mish, a member of the U.Lab Missoula Hub, which is organizing this event. “It can be more difficult to get information about items further down the ballot,” Mish explained. “This event aims to help people enjoy themselves and vote the full ballot with confidence that their choices will reflect their values.”

At the event, tables throughout the brewery will be staffed by pairs of candidates and informed people with opposing views who can answer questions and discuss issues respectfully. All will agree in advance to “disagree without becoming disagreeable.” 

Candidates for Supreme Court Justice, Public Service Commissioner, County Commissioner, and Justice of the Peace have been invited to attend from 6-7:30pm. There will also be a table for each of the following initiatives:
	Constitutional Initiative 116 (Marsy's Law)
	Initiative 177 (trapping on public lands)
	Initiative 181 (biomedical research)
	Initiative 182 (medical marijuana)
	Missoula Public Library Bond

In addition, voters will be able to see a copy of their own ballot on the Secretary of State website. Voter guides, including one published by the Missoulian, will be on hand to provide information about candidates for other state and national offices. Candidates for state legislature, which vary by precinct, are being invited to provide campaign literature.

Seasonal brews from Imagine Nation and fresh local foods from the Wild Weenie food truck will keep the event tasty and engaging. According to Mish, “People feel more connected and involved when they share food and drink and talk with people one-on-one to decide how they want to vote on races that are close to home. It feels good when they see their decisions implemented afterwards, whether in relation to schools, trapping, medical marijuana, a new library, or the names and faces in the news.”

U.Lab Missoula Hub is a local group organized around an online class offered by the business school at MIT. It is one of over 600 hubs gathering people in 190 countries to learn and apply “Theory U,” a method for responding to systemic challenges by sensing and actualizing “the emerging future that wants to be born.” For more information about U.Lab and Theory U, see www.OttoScharmer.com.

For more information about the #GoVote project, see www.govote.com <http://www.govote.com/>. For more information about Imagine Nation Brewing, see www.imaginenationbrewing.com <http://www.imaginenationbrewing.com/>.

Information about the Art of the Vote event can also be found on Facebook at http://bit.ly/2ePdXOv <http://bit.ly/2ePdXOv>.


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