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Further proof that home-buying is increasingly for the wealthy
The proportion of new homes with three-car garages hit an all-time 
high last year as the housing industry increasingly turned to 
construction for older, more monied residents, according to the 
National Association of Home Builders.

The Economist 21 July 2001
Big Scary Monsters: Mortgage-lending agencies in America

"Perhaps housing loans should be subsidised, particularly for the 
poor, because home ownership is desirable.  Even if true, this only 
partly gets Fannie and Freddie off the hook.  For their ambitions 
focus ever more on moving upmarket.  They are lobbying for the cap on 
mortgages that they can offer to rise, from $275,000 to $412,000 -- 
to help the 'ill-housed wealthy', perhaps, murmurs one analyst."
Wall Street Journal APRIL 27, 2009
The Green House of the Future

What will the energy-efficient house of the future look like?

A fresh look may be long overdue, given the amount of damage that 
homes can do to the environment.

In fact, that's something that all four of our architects agree on: 
Americans need to learn to live in smaller spaces if we are going to 
make an impact on the environment.
Wall Street Journal  May 6, 2016
Affordable Starter Homes Prove Increasingly Elusive

Excerpt: "Five years into the housing recovery, one crucial segment 
of single-family construction has yet to materialize: starter homes."


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