[MCN] A Rally in Support of Renewable Energy

Jeffrey J. Smith yswolfhowl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 11:24:45 EDT 2016

*Join 350 Missoula and the Montana Environmental Information Center **in
Butte on October 10 for a massive rally in support of renewable energy*:

*11 A.M. October 10 in Butte*

*at Emma Park, South Dakota Street and West Porphyry Street*

Go to www.350montana.org for details and to sign up.

This is an all-Montana demonstration! Right now, Montanans have an historic
opportunity to pivot to renewables, to harness our vast wind and solar
resources, to go hard and heavy for clean energy. The gigantic, coal-fired
generators at Colstrip – *the third most greenhouse-gas polluting in the
nation* – are phasing out because customers on the West Coast no longer
want to purchase electricity that degrades our climate.

We have the technology, we have the skilled workers, we have the money to
harness the power of Montana’s world-class sun and wind resources.

What we lack is the will!

*Montana’s utility, NorthWestern Energy, wants us to jump from the frying
pan into the fire.* The company just announced plans to build 13 new
natural gas generators (689 megawatts) in the next 15 years to replace the
Colstrip plants and is lobbying aggressively to make sure home solar is
expensive and bureaucratically hamstrung.

Our utility, a “regulated monopoly,” is going backwards!

*Join 350 Montana and the Montana Environmental Information Center *to tell
NorthWestern Energy that Montanans want 100 percent renewable power.

Speakers will talk about the purposeful constraints keeping wind and solar
under wraps and preventing our transition to carbon-free energy. They’ll
talk how the election November 8 will determine the composition and the
direction of the Public Service Commission, the elected board that
regulates NorthWestern Energy.

Transport from Missoula, Bozeman and Helena is available, along with food
and music by Jack Gladstone and Andrea Harsell.

Go to www.350montana.org for more information and to sign up.
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