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Tue Aug 1 10:15:28 EDT 2017

"The Northern Climate Observer is a compilation of articles and observations about changing environment and climate and the impacts on Northern communities. 
It is a LEO Network product, published weekly by the Center for Climate and Health at the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.”

https://www.leonetwork.org/en/newsletters/newsletter/CBBB4E8D-5E47-49B0-9D62-BFBBE980EAD4?show=1D2AD882-22A9-41AE-8871-A861E45C9387 <https://www.leonetwork.org/en/newsletters/newsletter/CBBB4E8D-5E47-49B0-9D62-BFBBE980EAD4?show=1D2AD882-22A9-41AE-8871-A861E45C9387>

"It is solar energy that moves the rabbit, the deer, the whale, the boy on the bicycle outside my window, my pencil as I write these words."

"Only about a tenth of 1 percent of the energy received from the sun by the earth is fixed by photosynthesis .... Worldwide it is about the equivalent to the annual production of between 150 and 200 billion tons of dry organic matter….”

"The worldwide increase of human numbers ... requires that a growing fraction of the total energy fixed be diverted to the direct support of man."

“The broad pattern of these changes is clear enough.”

Woodwell, George. "The Energy Cycle of the Biosphere.”  Scientific American. September, 1970


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