[MCN] Trump's own war on coal: think natural gas

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Wed Aug 16 11:19:49 EDT 2017

New Trump executive order will hasten oil and gas pipeline permits: Industry officials <http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/new-trump-executive-order-will-hasten-oil-and-gas-pipeline-permits-industry-officials/article/2631611>
Washington Examiner 17h ago
http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/new-trump-executive-order-will-hasten-oil-and-gas-pipeline-permits-industry-officials/article/2631611 <http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/new-trump-executive-order-will-hasten-oil-and-gas-pipeline-permits-industry-officials/article/2631611>

“We have only one planet and the time has come to transform our present lifestyle and consumption patterns...”

From the Executive Summary, WWF:  China Ecological Footprint: Report 2012 : Consumption, production, and sustainability.
"People should want more, make more, earn more, spend more -- ever more."

Donella Meadows. Just So Much And No More. Yes magazine June 30, 2001
“Conservationists are unquestionably useful people. And among the many useful services that they have rendered has been that of dramatizing the vast appetite the United States has developed for materials of all kinds.”

“But what of the appetite itself? Surely this is the ultimate source of the problem…. Yet in the literature of the resource problem this is the forbidden question. Over it hangs a nearly total silence.”

John K. Galbraith. “How much should a country consume?”
In Jarrett, Henry (editor), Perspectives on Conservation. John Hopkins Press. 1958

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