[MCN] Introducing Mountain Meat Shares

Jennifer Knoetgen jenknoe at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 17:00:39 EDT 2017

Hello! I would like to post a message on the List. Please contact me for
additional information. Thank you!!-----------------

Bringing Local Meat Subscriptions to Missoula

I am excited to announce that Mountain Meat Shares
<http://www.mountainmeatshares.com> is live and accepting subscriptions!
This new service allows you to receive monthly subscription boxes of local
meat. Know where your meat comes from!

Please take a look at our website, Mountain Meat Shares
<http://www.mountainmeatshares.com/> and forward this email on to your
food-loving friends.

Even if you aren't ready to sign up, please subscribe
<https://www.mountainmeatshares.com/sign-up/> to the newsletter to get
updates on farm happenings, food stories and recipes. Thank you for your

Jennifer Knoetgen
info at mountainmeatshares.com
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