[MCN] Thermal limits: It's getting too hot to grow peas

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AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY <https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-08/asoa-ptl082217.php>Public Release: 23-Aug-2017
Peas that like it hot

As the global climate changes and temperatures continue to rise, heat stress is becoming a major limiting factor for pea cultivation. A new study indicates that pea plants with some specific traits -- such as longer flowering time and higher pod numbers -- may be more resistant to heat stress. The researchers also gained new insights into the genetics of heat tolerance in pea.

Crop Science
https://dl.sciencesocieties.org/publications/cs/abstracts/57/3/1540 <https://dl.sciencesocieties.org/publications/cs/abstracts/57/3/1540>

   ========++++++.  Food: Heat has consequences +++++=======
“We used observational data and output from 23 global climate models to show a high probability 
(>90%) that growing season temperatures in the tropics and subtropics by the end of the 21st 
century will exceed the most extreme seasonal temperatures recorded from 1900 to 2006. 

"In temperate regions, the hottest seasons on record will represent the future norm in many locations.”
“Coping with the short-run challenge of food price volatility is daunting. But the longer-term 
challenge of avoiding a perpetual food crisis under conditions of global warming is far more 
serious. “
David. S. Battisti  and Rosamond L. Naylor.
Historical Warnings of Future Food Insecurity with Unprecedented Seasonal Heat. 

“We are constantly deciding how much information is enough.” (p. 44)

“Once we finally reach a decision we are relieved to have the uncertainly of decision making behind us. 
And now somebody turns up and tells us things that call the wisdom of that decision into question again.” 
(pp. 99-100)

Dietrich Dorner. The Logic of Failure: Recognizing and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations.
1989 in German by Rowolt Verlag GMBH.
1996 in English by Metropolitan Books, Perseus Books.

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