[MCN] Montana greenhouse-gas bill may not get a fair hearing

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Mon Feb 20 09:14:22 EST 2017

Audience may be restricted for greenhouse-gas bill

A bill that would require Montana to monitor and 
report its production of greenhouse gas emissions 
may not get a fair hearing due to a capitol room 

"  Š organisms have a physiological response to 
temperature, and these responses have important 
consequences Š. biological rates and times (e.g. 
metabolic rate, growth, reproduction, mortality 
and activity) vary with temperature."

Anthony I. Dell, Samraat Pawar and Van M. Savage, 
Temperature dependence of trophic interactions 
are driven by asymmetry of species responses and 
foraging strategy
Journal of Animal Ecology 2013
"Direct effects of climatic warming can be 
understood through fatal decrements in an 
organism's performance in growth, reproduction, 
foraging, immune competence, behaviors and 
competitiveness. Performance in animals is 
supported by aerobic scope, the increase in 
oxygen consumption rate from resting to maximal 
(9). Performance falls below its optimum during 
cooling and warming. At both upper and lower 
pejus temperatures, performance decrements result 
as the limiting capacity for oxygen supply causes 
hypoxemia. Beyond low and high critical 
temperatures, only a passive, anaerobic existence 
is possible."

Portner and Farrell. Physiology and Climate Change. Science  October 31 2008

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