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1 --"Whereas in recent decades, promoting resilience has been a 
widespread goal of forest management, the increasing pressure of 
chronic and acute disturbances is pushing many temperate forests 
toward and over resilience thresholds. ... . Serious thresholds are 
crossed when forests convert to vegetation types without trees and, 
as a result, lose valued forest ecosystem services."

"In the short term, some forests will likely continue to absorb or 
rebound from disturbances, sustain a diversity of ecological 
functions, and deliver ecosystem services similar to those of past 
decades (Fig. 2). Over the longer term, however, most temperate 
forests are likely to change .... The changes could range from minor 
shifts in forest structure (e.g., tree density and ages) and species 
compositions to major transformation of vegetation types, some 
resulting in novel ecosystems relative to recent centuries"

Millar and Stephenson. Temperate forest health in an era of emerging 
megadisturbance. Science (2015)

Figure 2 in Millar and Stephenson is particularly helpful in 
presenting 4 scenarios progressing from forest sustainability to a 
conversion, first to an unfamilar forest, then conversion to a system 
without trees.
2 -- "We contend that traditional approaches to forest conservation 
and management will be inadequate given the predicted scale of 
social-economic and biophysical changes in the 21st century."

Forest Ecology and Management Accepted 7 October 2015
Review and synthesis
Achievable future conditions as a framework for guiding forest 
conservation and management
S.W. Golladay, K.L. Martin, J.M. Vose, D.N. Wear, A.P. Covich, R.J. 
Hobbs, K.D. Klepzig, G.E. Likens, R.J. Naiman, A.W. Shearer 
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