[MCN] Will Montana Public Radio lose funding?

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Fri Mar 10 09:26:34 EST 2017

Wall Street Journal  March 10  2017

Public Radio and Television Stations Face New Threat of Budget Cuts

Station operators fear President Donald Trump is targeting the 
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which doles out government money 
to nearly 1,500 stations, though the CPB has survived previous 
defunding efforts. 121 comments

Behind paywall at
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ How to really endanger the economy 

"Booms have consequences."

James Grant. Money of the Mind : Borrowing and Lending in America 
from the Civil War to Michael Milken. Farrar Straus Giroux. 1992.

"It is no coincidence that the deepest and most protracted recessions 
in recent decades have taken hold in countries that experienced booms 

The Economist   July, 2001

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