[MCN] Sax drums improv and more at free cycles tonight, free show

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Fri Mar 10 10:49:24 EST 2017

free show at free cycles tonight, all are welcome!, improv theme:

Bad Luck (9:15pm) performs in another cosmos from most bands. Emerging out
of more than a decade of collaboration, their work “bears down on you like
a cyclone of fire” (The Stranger Magazine) and is a genre-defying
supernova of avant sound, electronics, metal, and free jazz. Welch screams
and breathes into his horn, acoustically creates chords and uses
electronics more familiar to guitar players than a saxophonist. Icasiano
does things that seem impossible with four drumsticks at once. Their music
has been electrifying audiences in Seattle at packed shows, playing on
bills that put experimental music in front of new and eager audiences.

Avant Garde Alliance searches for the perfect sounds through structured
improvisations. "We'll get extra weird with the substitution of Rammer for
Sporman this show."

Philip Glasshole creates electronic dance music for the free jazz set.
Manipulating ipads, digital synths, and video software, the Missoula duo
moves from abstract soundscapes to bizarre house music while providing the
visuals to help transport you to outer space.

Doors and REFRESHMENTS at 7pm. Music will be done by 10:30.

free cycles: 732 S. 1st St W, 541-7284, mist at strans.org

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