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*Missoula Urban Demonstration Project*

1527 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT 59801  406.721.7513  info at mudproject.org 



*CONTACT:  *Ellie Costello (MUD Executive Director) Office: 406.721-7513
Cell: 406.531-9122 Email: director at mudproject.org

*Spring Llama Poo Sale *

                  Missoula, Montana — Missoula Urban Demonstration (MUD)
Project is hosting its annual Llama Poo Sale this spring. The manure is a
mix of llama & alpaca poo sourced from Safe Haven Llama Sanctuary in
Corvallis, MT. Manure can be purchased starting April 1 and sales run while
supplies last. Come by MUD Project’s site at 1527 Wyoming Street during our
Tool Library hours, which are Monday & Friday 4-7pm and Saturday & Sunday
from 10-4pm, or to the MUD Earth Day Celebration on April 22 from 12-4pm,
to purchase llama manure. Manure is packaged in repurposed feedbags,
available for $15 per bag and 5-6 gallon buckets for $10. The proceeds of
the fundraiser go directly to support two local non-profits: Missoula Urban
Demonstration Project and Safe Haven Llama Sanctuary. The Llama Poo Sale
utilizes a local waste product as a nutrient-rich input for Missoula-area
farmers and gardeners while supporting regional nonprofits.

                  According to Charlene Hakes of the Safe Haven Llama and
Alpaca Sanctuary, llamas and alpacas have a special digestive system that
is different from that of cows, horses, or sheep. It causes llama manure to
be high in nitrogen, which is excellent for plants, yet it does not have to
be aged before you can apply it to plant roots. Most other types of
livestock manure have to be aged first, or it will burn the roots of
plants. With llama manure, you can apply it immediately to your plants
fresh, dry or you can even mix up a llama bean tea to nourish your potted
plants without any odors.

                  MUD Project volunteers traveled to Safe Haven Llama
Sanctuary in Corvallis, MT to bag the manure on the last day of March and
transported it back to Missoula. MUD is a non-profit that promotes urban
sustainable living through hands-on-learning, resource sharing, and
community engagement. The organization provides the community with a tool
library, a truck share, a demonstration site, youth education programs, and
workshops. Fitting well with MUD’s mission, this annual event is a
community act of ecologically minded resource use. Learn more about MUD and
upcoming events at mudproject.org.

                  Safe Haven is a volunteer-run non-profit sanctuary that
saves llamas and alpaca through rescue, adoption, and community outreach.
The founder, Charlene Hakes, has been caring for abused and neglected
llamas and alpaca for over 20 years. Safe Haven was incorporated in 2005 to
help her mission. Annually, Safe Haven is growing by 15-20 animals, so they
constantly seek and welcome qualified adopters, sponsors, partners, and
contributions of essential resources and monetary donations. Learn more
about Safe Haven Llama Sanctuary at www.safehavenlas.wix.com/safehavenlas.

Founded in 1981, the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) is a
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes urban sustainability through
hands-on learning, resource sharing, and community engagement. MUD's vision
is that through education, demonstration, and celebration of urban
sustainable living, we will create equitable communities and healthy
ecosystems. Find out more at www.mudproject.org.

Sarah M. Semlitsch

MUD Project Marketing Intern

1527 Wyoming Street

Missoula, MT 59801


sarah at mudproject.org

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