[MCN] Food + appliances = carbon footprint

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Mon Dec 17 13:09:40 EST 2018

Public Release: 17-Dec-2018
Understanding food's carbon footprint
Researchers asked more than 1,000 participants in a nationally-representative sample to rate the energy used -- and the greenhouse gas emitted -- by the production of one serving of 19 different kinds of food, and by using one of 18 different appliances for one hour. Participants underestimated the environmental impacts of appliances and food production, but they underestimated the impacts of food significantly more than those of appliances.

Nature Climate Change
"For decades, we called it ‘global warming,’ an innocuous-sounding phrase invoking a gentle increase in worldwide temperatures, like turning up the thermostat in a house.”


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