[MCN] Aha, another intriguing pair of headlines: The Hill, and Oilprice.com

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New scientific evidence strengthens case for regulating greenhouse gases | TheHill <https://news.google.com/articles/CBMieGh0dHBzOi8vdGhlaGlsbC5jb20vb3Bpbmlvbi9lbmVyZ3ktZW52aXJvbm1lbnQvNDIyNjYxLW5ldy1zY2llbnRpZmljLWV2aWRlbmNlLXN0cmVuZ3RoZW5zLWNhc2UtZm9yLXJlZ3VsYXRpbmctZ3JlZW5ob3VzZdIBwAFodHRwczovL3RoZWhpbGwtY29tLmNkbi5hbXBwcm9qZWN0Lm9yZy92L3MvdGhlaGlsbC5jb20vb3Bpbmlvbi9lbmVyZ3ktZW52aXJvbm1lbnQvNDIyNjYxLW5ldy1zY2llbnRpZmljLWV2aWRlbmNlLXN0cmVuZ3RoZW5zLWNhc2UtZm9yLXJlZ3VsYXRpbmctZ3JlZW5ob3VzZT9hbXAmYW1wX2pzX3Y9MC4xI3dlYnZpZXc9MSZjYXA9c3dpcGU>
Science supports climate action, not as a matter of politics, but as a matter of law.
The Hill

Saudis Thread On Thin Ice As Prices Slide | OilPrice.com <https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiVGh0dHBzOi8vb2lscHJpY2UuY29tL0VuZXJneS9DcnVkZS1PaWwvU2F1ZGlzLVRocmVhZC1Pbi1UaGluLUljZS1Bcy1QcmljZXMtU2xpZGUuaHRtbNIBAA> [<— Tread]
Saudi Arabia reeled during the oil price collapse of 2016, and with the current downward spiral in prices, the Kingdom is treading on thin ice.


In a December 2015 Media Briefing, Extreme Carbon Inequality, Oxfam reports that, “ the poorest half of the global population – around 3.5 billion people – are responsible for only around 10% of total global emissions attributed to individual consumption.”

In sharp contrast, “around 50% of these emissions meanwhile can be attributed to the richest 10% of people around the world, who have average carbon footprints 11 times as high as the poorest half of the population, and 60 times as high as the poorest 10%,” and the “average footprint of the richest 1% of people globally could be 175 times that of the poorest 10%.”



“Full of recent references and statistics, Harvesting the Biosphere adds to the growing chorus of warnings about the current trajectory of human activity on a finite planet, of which climate change is only one dimension.

“One can quibble with some assumptions or tweak Smil’s calculations, but the bottom line will not change, only the time it may take humanity to reach a crisis point.”

Stephen Running. “Approaching the Limits” Science 15 March 2013.

Book review. Harvesting the Biosphere: What we have taken from Nature. by Vaclav Smil .  MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2012. 315 pp. $29, £19.95. ISBN 9780262018562.

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