[MCN] Deciding To Do Better: Self-Improvement Support Group

Smai Fullerton shfullerton at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 10:46:27 EST 2018

A friend and I recently started a meetup group for people interested in the
art and science of goal setting, habit formation, planning, and in
theory... achieving all of one's dreams, somewhere in there ;)

If you love organizing, tracking your life, bullet journaling, et al,
you'll find a lot of likeminded folks here. Or if you dread it, but are
interested in starting or improving at it, you'll find a safe and
supportive home too.

The built-in bonus of this group is it's not only an inspiring space to get
after goals, but also somewhere we all get to practice empathy through
listening and widening our understanding of the wild tangle of human

We're doing a monthly challenge every month in 2019, where members set a
goal, try to do it every day, and track it with everyone on a spreadsheet
(optional). January's theme is PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS. We hope to
create a motivational space where sticking with *anything* for 30 days is
celebrated. There may even be participation trophies, cause what's a group
started by a millennial without those...?

Meetup link: https://www.meetup.com/Deciding-To-Do-Better/
Website: https://www.decidingtodobetter.com/

Next meetup: January 5th @ 2pm @ Kava Kulture lounge. Free.

If you'd like to attend the January 5th meeting but don't want to register
for a Meetup account, please feel free, and RSVP by sending an email to me
so I know to expect you! shfullerton at gmail.com

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