[MCN] Overwhelmed with studying permaculture alone. if only there was a group of people meeting up. We have a place for you..

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Mon Apr 22 17:39:30 EDT 2019

Hi there,

Have you been studying permaculture online but unsure how to take the next
step?  Luckily, Paul Wheaton and Alan Booker* have a PDC coming up June
16-29. This PDC is meant for those of you who already have a good
understanding of permaculture but need help taking the next step. Check out
these links to learn more:

Main page with registration:  https://richsoil.com/pdc.jsp

Forum discussion and more info:  https://permies.com/wiki/100059/

Hope to see you there!

Coco Newlon

Wheaton Labs Maven

*More on both instructors:

Alan Booker, the main PDC instructor, is the founder
<https://eldenbridge.org/alan-booker/> of the Eldenbridge Institute
<https://eldenbridge.org/>, which provides education and research in
support of regenerative communities. Alan also provides consulting and
workshops on earthworks, soil remediation, composting, forest gardening,
holistic management of pastureland, keyline design, aquaculture and
aquaponics, off-grid energy systems, and natural building systems. As he
gained experience in systems engineering throughout the 1990’s, Alan began
to understand the long-term problems being created by modern design
practices. In researching possible solutions, he became interested in
Permaculture due to its holistic design approach and track record of
creating workable solutions in a wide range of climates and ecosystems
around the world.

Paul Wheaton is the tyrannical ruler of two online communities and the
author of Building a Better World in your Backyard
One online community is about permaculture <https://permies.com/> and the
other is about software engineering <https://coderanch.com/>. Paul has
written several permaculture articles, starting with one on lawn care
<https://richsoil.com/lawn-care.jsp> that he wrote as part of becoming a
master gardener over 20 years ago, and including articles on raising
chickens <https://richsoil.com/raising-chickens.jsp>, cast iron
<https://richsoil.com/cast-iron.jsp> and diatomaceous earth
<https://richsoil.com/diatomaceous-earth.jsp>. Paul regularly uploads
videos <https://www.youtube.com/user/paulwheaton12> and permaculture
podcasts <http://permies.com/f/88/permaculture-podcast>. In his spare time,
Paul has plans for world domination and currently owns a hollowed out
volcano with good submarine access near Missoula, Montana (aka wheaton labs

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of all things wheaton labs
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