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Jon Sand JSand at ci.missoula.mt.us
Tue Jan 8 11:08:56 EST 2019

Join the movement this January to reduce the amount of CO2 polluting our air! As you know, commuters face more barriers in choosing sustainable transportation during the winter months - those very same months when we are most susceptible to poor air quality because of inversion (learn why)<https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/5cd9ce_97f8fdb33a714eed8b15f4671452f0e7.pdf>. The Clear the Air Challenge offers a little extra motivation to choose to bus, walk, bike, carpool and vanpool as much as possible during the times when it's the hardest to do, but matters the most.

THE CHALLENGE: Log sustainable trips and errands with Way to Go! Missoula during the month of January to see how much CO2 you can prevent from entering the air we breathe. Compete with other Missoulians with similar commute lengths for prizes awarded to the top CO2 diverters.  Promote the challenge at your workplace and motivate your co-workers to choose healthy transportation options.

To join the challenge and/or register, click the following link! https://www.missoulainmotion.com/cleartheair

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