[MCN] Emotional In Intelligence: The 5 Emotional Cancers

Kathy Mangan bodytalkmso at msn.com
Wed Jan 9 19:20:21 EST 2019

Based on the work of Dr. Stephen Covey, we will explore the 5 C's that drain our potential:

  *   Criticizing
  *   Complaining
  *   Competing
  *   Contending
  *   Comparing

Saturday, January 26, 9am-5p
Red Willow Center
825 West Kent Avenue, Missoula

Register HERE!<https://l4e.life/event/emotional-intelligence-the-five-emotional-cancers/>

Kathy Mangan, MS, AdvCBP, CBI
bodytalkmso at msn.com<mailto:bodytalkmso at msn.com>

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