[MCN] The worst case scenario for human survival

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Sat Jun 15 13:48:51 EDT 2019

“Perhaps the most obvious proposed risk factor for extinction is large body size.”

“One secure prediction is that future environmental conditions will almost certainly differ from those in the past.”

“Diversity will almost certainly rebound after the current extinction event; however, it may be composed of species descended from a different, as yet unknown, subset of lineages from those that dominate now, and humans will likely not be included among them.”

Davies, et al. “Phylogenetic trees and mammalian biodiversity.” Proceedings National Academy of Sciences, Aug. 12, 2008. Eight pages.

"Controlled capitalism … had been a truly colossal success. From the end of the Second World War until the mid-1970s the American and European economies were uplifted by many years of rapid growth, bringing affluence from the relatively few to almost all."

"In the late 1970s the tendency to control capitalism was abruptly reversed."

“ … the most striking feature of our turbo-capitalist times, the hollowing-out of democratic governance over the economy.”

Edward Luttwak, Turbo-Capitalism. 
1998 in Great Britain by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 
1999 in the U.S. by Harper Collins.

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