[MCN] Pension funds are exposed to climate risk

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Pension funds fail to insulate against climate-change risks | Financial ... <https://www.ft.com/content/99d5c50a-30bf-39c0-b67d-6752abd7e53d>
Nov 4, 2018 ... Pension funds fail to insulate against climate-change risks ... absence of a standardised approach to climate-risk management in investments, ...
Climate change for asset owners - The International Centre for ... <http://icpmnetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/ICPM_Climate-Change-Guide_FINAL.pdf>
The ICPM guide to integrating climate change considerations in investment processes ..... affect the investments of pension funds and other asset owners. ... Climate change goes beyond the environmental dimension and has influence on social, .... Manage the risk: Integrate climate change in the existing risk management ...
Commentary: Climate change risk is another way of saving investor ... <https://www.pionline.com/article/20190225/ONLINE/190219844/commentary-climate-change-risk-is-another-way-of-saving-investor-opportunity>
Feb 25, 2019 ... Both companies and investors will benefit if we learn how to value corporations ... If investors hadn't fully woken up to the climate change risks faced by ... these sorts of climate changecost-savings, investor sentiment and financial ... Staff Pension Fund recently announced its adoption of predictive climate ...
Climate change concerns: what pension funds can do to help <https://www.raconteur.net/hr/climate-change-pensions>
Feb 1, 2019 ... Many pension funds acknowledge climate change presents ... First, the language we use is jumbled: climate risk, sustainability, environmental, social and ... investors look for climate-aware investments, managers paint things ...
World's pension funds vulnerable to climate risks, study reveals ... <https://www.euractiv.com/section/energy-environment/news/worlds-pension-funds-largely-blind-to-climate-risks-study-reveals/>
Oct 22, 2018 ... World's pension funds vulnerable to climate risks, study reveals ... CDP boss: ' Companies or sectors may face liability risks on climate change' ... “Though almost a third have identified the physical and transition risks facing ...
Climate Change Investment Risk Management | Mercer <https://www.mercer.com/our-thinking/climate-change-investment-risk-management.html>
A Guide to Climate Change Investment Risk Management for US Public Defined ... of climate change investment risks and opportunities for US public pension ... the physical environment in the long term, we must change our behaviors now to  ...
Environmental Risk: The Changing Climate: Pricing climate change ... <https://www.ipe.com/environmental-risk-the-changing-climate-pricing-climate-change/49718.article>
The physical and regulatory risks from climate change already exist. ... There are indications that parts of the pension fund industry do seem to be ... Finding and cleaning the necessary environmentaldata from portfolio companies is a ...
'Little to no climate change strategy' at major public pension funds ... <https://www.ipe.com/news/esg/little-to-no-climate-change-strategy-at-major-public-pension-funds/www.ipe.com/news/esg/little-to-no-climate-change-strategy-at-major-public-pension-funds/10026624.fullarticle>
Sep 13, 2018 ... 'Little to no climate change strategy' at major public pension funds ... lagging some of compatriot insurance companies and smaller pension funds. ... is doing to address climate changeas a long-term material financial risk.
As Climate Change Causes a Maelstrom of Financial Risks and ... <https://www.ceres.org/news-center/blog/climate-change-causes-maelstrom-financial-risks-and-opportunities-your-money>
Mar 3, 2019 ... As Climate Change Causes a Maelstrom of Financial Risks and ... analysis is to shed light on which mutual fund companies take climate risks seriously, ... Widely diversified investors, such as index funds and pension funds, ...
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Its synthesis, on an oxidized and uncarboxylated earth, is the most intricate feat of chemical engineering ever performed –-- and the most delicate operation that people have ever 

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Edward S. Deevey, Jr. Mineral Cycles.
Scientific American, September 1970

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