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> AERO wants to encourage all of our members and community partners to join with our friends at Northern Plains Resource Council and participate in this critical moment for renewable energy in Montana.  Read below to learn more about events that Northern Plains is hosting in Billings and Helena next week...  
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> At Northern Plains, we want to see a brighter future for Montana, one where we can power our homes with energy from the sun and wind. But right now an attack on this future is underway: the largest monopoly utility operating in Montana - NorthWestern Energy- is attempting to make it impossible for Montanans to save money by going solar. 
> NorthWestern is trying to impose a punitive rate structure for residential solar users which would be a huge barrier for many Montana families hoping to invest in a clean energy future. 
> To achieve that new rate structure, NorthWestern Energy has filed a "rate case" with the Public Service Commission (PSC) that will be decided later this month. If the PSC gives NorthWestern everything they ask for, we can expect solar to take a big dive in Montana. 
> Join Northern Plains Resource Council and our partners Forward Montana Foundation and 350 Montana to learn more about NorthWestern's scheme and find out what you can do to stand up for solar!
> Billings, May 21st:
> Home on the Range
> 220 South 27th Street
> 6-7:30 PM
> Helena, May 22nd:
> Trinity Hall
> 1601 N Benton Ave
> 6-7 PM 
> To learn more visit: https://northernplains.org/ <https://aeromt.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6d2c70ec8375267329214b052&id=9ab33ca91c&e=73e23dcb6e>     
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"Ongoing reductions to groundwater storage are drying groundwater wells in the western US, and this manifestation of water scarcity warrants innovative groundwater management transcending status quos."
D. Perrone and S. Jasechko. 
Dry groundwater wells in the western United States. 
Environmental Research Letters  12 (2017) 104002

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