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Matthew Koehler mattykoehler at gmail.com
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If you care about Sage Grouse, wildlife habitat and science-based public
lands and wildlife management....

Please look beyond some of the hype regarding the 'historic'
'collaborative' effort to NOT protect the Sage Grouse and its habitat under
the Endangered Species Act and TAKE ACTION to ensure that Sage Grouse get
the protection needed to fend off extinction.

Matthew Koehler
WildWest Institute

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From: WildEarth Guardians <action at wildearthguardians.org>
Date: Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Speak Up for the Sage Grouse
To: Matthew Koehler <koehler at wildrockies.org>

[image: WildEarth Guardians. Take Action.] Tell President Obama: Inadequate
Sage Grouse Efforts Must Improve

Weak Federal Plans + Endangered Species Act Denial = Extinction

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Dear Supporter,

[image: greater sage grouse pc Noppadol Paothong]
<http://wg.convio.net/site/R?i=eRugBFxE17-Gr8HOK18oGw>On Tuesday Interior
Secretary Sally Jewell denied Endangered Species Act protections for the
imperiled greater sage grouse and simultaneously announced a series of half
measures in new federal sage grouse plans that cover public lands across 10
western states.

We believe we can and we must do better for this incredibly unique and
beautiful bird. Please *join us*
<http://wg.convio.net/site/R?i=BJK6VFGdRhuNr8XXc20nPg> in telling President
Obama to do better for sage grouse.

Some conservation groups hailed the plans as the biggest and most complex
conservation effort we’ve ever seen. And that’s true. But it’s certainly
not the most competent or effective conservation effort because the plans
don’t follow the science. Unfortunately, they are riddled with fatal
weaknesses <http://wg.convio.net/site/R?i=0BRu2-xqw12sHNR_p-8OWg> that will
undermine sage grouse conservation and allow extractive industries into
even the most sensitive sage grouse habitats.

[image: Jonah Drilling in Sage Grouse Habitiat pc WG]WildEarth Guardians is
not joining the chorus declaring a decisive conservation victory and a
final solution to sage grouse conservation because though the plans are
certainly better than nothing, they don’t get us across the finish line.

*While others may prematurely declare victory, we’ll fight on for the sage
grouse and the health of the Sagebrush Sea across the American West.*

Despite a population uptick over the last two years, sage grouse numbers
are still down 27% from where they were when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service found that the greater sage grouse warranted Endangered Species Act
protections in 2010. The agency failed to deliver those needed safeguards
then, and doubled down on that failure this week.[image: Grouse pc
WildEarth Guardians]

Threats from fires that destroy sagebrush habitats (amplified by cheatgrass
infestations caused by excessive livestock grazing) are increasing. Rampant
oil and gas drilling and associated roads and powerlines fragment remaining
grouse habitats. Yet the new federal sage grouse protections have loopholes
that will allow these destructive activities to continue. The survival of
the greater sage grouse, and the Sagebrush Sea ecosystems that support an
abundance of western wildlife, is far from assured.

Read more about the plans’ failings here

*Tell President Obama*
<http://wg.convio.net/site/R?i=NKpOYkNK9P--c6xZheXiDw> that sage grouse and
the rest of our western wildlife deserve better than the weak,
scientifically unsound sage grouse plan his administration unveiled this
And watch for opportunities to support Guardians as we press forward for
stronger sage grouse protections using every available means. To learn
more, read an outstanding investigative journalism piece in *The Nation*
<http://wg.convio.net/site/R?i=bwqRcrSDWOC1FSlT1fVRqw> on where the federal
sage grouse efforts went wrong.

For the birds,

[image: John Horning Close Up]

[image: John Horning Signature 2013]
John Horning
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians
<jnichols at wildearthguardians.org?subject=White>
jhorning at wildearthguardians.org
<jhorning at wildearthguardians.org?subject=Protect_the_Sage_Grouse>
<jhorning at wildearthguardians.org?subject=Protect_the_Sage_Grouse>

<jhorning at wildearthguardians.org?subject=Protect_the_Sage_Grouse>
<jhorning at wildearthguardians.org?subject=Protect_the_Sage_Grouse>

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