[MCN] freecycles fundraiser: matching funds for three days

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sun Sep 27 20:47:54 EDT 2015

Bob Giordano told me that their fundraiser was stuck for eight months
and funds are scarce.   I told him "I have a big audience of peeps and
I rather like the idea of abusing my powers for freecycles."   So Bob
offered bicycle-ish candy if we raised big gobs of money.

So, in a couple of days we managed to put a thousand bucks in the
pocket of freecycles.

And now, I have a guy that says that if another thousand bucks goes
into the freecycles fundraiser, he will add a thousand bucks more.

So, the freecycles fundraiser was stuck at $3415 for EIGHT months.  In
the last coupla days, my peeps have pushed that up to $4420.  Hot
diggity dog!  And now if the total can get up to $5415, this guy will
add another $1000.

So, dear MCN list, I am calling on you to throw a few bucks into the
pot for what may very well be the most noble non profit I have ever
seen.  I think their full operating budget is something like $600 per

Here is the link to the fundraiser:  https://www.gofundme.com/70sws0

Here is the link to the stuff at permies.com:  http://permies.com/t/4930#404946


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