[MCN] "Carbon farming" has potential: Soil as carbon capture, storage system

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Farmland Could Help Combat Climate Change
Scientific American
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The earth's soil stores a lot of carbon from the 
atmosphere, and managing it with the climate in 
mind may be an important part of reducing 
greenhouse gas emissions to curb global warming, 
according to a paper published Wednesday in the 
journal Nature.

Nature Published online 06 April 2016
Climate-smart soils
Keith Paustian, Johannes Lehmann, Stephen Ogle, 
David Reay, G. Philip Robertson & Pete Smith


Soils are integral to the function of all 
terrestrial ecosystems and to food and fibre 
production. An overlooked aspect of soils is 
their potential to mitigate greenhouse gas 
emissions. Although proven practices exist, the 
implementation of soil-based greenhouse gas 
mitigation activities are at an early stage and 
accurately quantifying emissions and reductions 
remains a substantial challenge. Emerging 
research and information technology developments 
provide the potential for a broader inclusion of 
soils in greenhouse gas policies. Here we 
highlight 'state of the art' soil greenhouse gas 
research, summarize mitigation practices and 
potentials, identify gaps in data and 
understanding and suggest ways to close such gaps 
through new research, technology and 
"Booms have consequences."

James Grant. Money of the Mind : Borrowing and 
Lending in America from the Civil War to Michael 
Milken. Farrar Straus Giroux. 1992.
"The ultimate outcome of a policy is not what 
determines its qualification as folly. Š. It 
qualifies as folly when it is a perverse 
persistence in a policy demonstrably unworkable 
or counter-productive. It is almost superfluous 
to say that the present study stems from the 
ubiquity of this problem in our time."

Barbara W. Tuchman, The March of Folly 
Ballantine Books, 1984

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