[MCN] Circles of Care, Friday at Free Cycles- Pitch?

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Tue Apr 19 19:00:36 EDT 2016

Free Cycles invites you to an event this Friday.  We further invite you to
represent your organization by making a 2-3 minute 'pitch'.

For this event, a pitch is based on how the work you do relates to
community and care.  We encourage the pitch to be interactive in some
way... could be a skit, a song, a demonstration- something creative beyond
simple speaking.

Names will go into a hat, and when yours is drawn, you'll have to briefly
describe how your work relates to the preceding pitch person.

Of course if you are feeling a bit shy do please come, as all are invited
and welcome.  Good food, drink, acrobatics, music and company are all part
of the evening..

Circles of Care
A Cycles of Change
Campaign Social Affair
Weaving Our Community Web

6:30pm - Tapas & Tea
7:30pm - A Series of Short Demonstrations (2-3 minutes)
8:15pm - UM circus club in the piazza
8:30pm - Music by: The Fruiting Nobody's


Tapas & Tea:
Hummus Assortment - Pita
Fruit, Veggie Platter
Cheese Platter
Oils & Vinegar + Breads
Beverage from Bayern

Free and Open to the public

Bob Giordano, Director
Free Cycles Missoula
Shop: 732 S. 1st St. West, ph. 541.7284
10AM-6PM Tues-Sat, www.freecycles.org
Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation
www.strans.org, mist at strans.org, 406-880-6834

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