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Wed Apr 27 16:42:23 EDT 2016

Hi: Please read up and take action by contacting Senator Tester if you want
to stop the next public lands logging rider that will reduce public
participation and science-based management of America's National Forests.

Unfortunately it appears that Senator Tester is part of the western
Democrats that are now 'comfortable' with new expedited public lands
logging procedures that weaken NEPA and the Endangered Species Act.

You can bet that groups like Montana Wilderness Association will be
cheerleading for fire funding legislation, but will they actually rise up
and speak out (and ask their members to speak out) against more
undemocratic riders that greatly increase National Forest logging by
weakening NEPA, limiting public participation and undermining the ESA?

Matthew Koehler

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Subject: Help Stop the Next Logging Rider
From: Steve Holmer <sholmer at ABCBIRDS.ORG>
Date: Wed, April 27, 2016 1:58 pm

*Help Stop the Next Logging Rider*

Dear Friends,

We can soon expect fire funding legislation led by Senator Ron Wyden to
reappear in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.  Senator
Maria Cantwell and Senator Tom Udall opposed the fire funding deal last
December due to anti-environmental riders and lack of reform measures for
fire suppression and out-of-control spending.  These Senators are now under
intense pressure from other western Democrats and the Obama administration
to support a deal, even if it includes environmental rollbacks.

The administration and Sen. Wyden claimed the riders were the price for the
fire funding deal due to House Republicans, but I have since learned the
administration and some western Democrats are now “comfortable” with new
expedited logging procedures by weakening NEPA and the ESA.

*Please contact following Senate offices and urge him/her to oppose any
forestry provisions that rollbacks or weakens NEPA or the ESA.*

Sen. Ron Wyden                              202 224 5244
erin_fauerbach at wyden.senate.gov
Sen. Jeff Merkley                             202 224 3753
bj_westlund at merkley.senate.gov
Sen. Maria Cantwell                        202 224 3441
pete_modaff at cantwell.senate.gov
Sen. Patty Murray                            202 224 2621
               anna_sperling at murray.senate.gov
Sen. Barbara Boxer                         202 224 3553
Anne_Clement at boxer.senate.gov
Sen. Diane Feinstein                        202 224 3841
kenneth_rooney at feinstein.senate.gov
Sen. Jon Tester                              202 224 2644
dylan_laslovich at tester.senate.gov
Sen. Harry Reid                                202 224 3542
Sara_Moffat at reid.senate.gov
Sen. Michael Bennet                       202 224 5852
Marion_Wittmann at bennet.senate.gov
Sen. Tom Udall                                 202 224 6621
anthony_sedillo at tomudall.senate.gov
Sen. Martin Heinrich                       202 224 5521
maya_hermann at heinrich.senate.gov

Some forest policy concerns to relay:

1.     The growing negative impact of the 2014 Farm Bill logging rider
which is being used to eliminate meaningful public involvement and for
post-fire logging. 2.     The imbalance in the Forest Service budget
favoring logging over recreation and wildlife conservation. 3.     The 40%
growth in the federal timber program under the Obama administration from
2.3 billion to 3.2 billion board feet. 4.     A BLM proposal to weaken
President Clinton’s Northwest Forest Plan to increase logging 37% above
current targets, and weakening wildlife protections. 5.     The Westside
project which proposes to log in old growth and geologic reserves putting
listed fish and Spotted Owls at grave risk, and the 6.     Title II logging
rider which would have further eroded public involvement in federal forest
management.    Thanks for all your efforts!

Steve Holmer
Senior Policy Advisor
American Bird Conservancy &
Director, Bird Conservation Alliance
sholmer at abcbirds.org

www.abcbirds.org, www.birdconservationalliance.org, ABC on Facebook
<http://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Bird-Conservancy/136126341809>, ABC
Videos <http://www.youtube.com/abcbirds>
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