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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Couple Seeking Longer Term Rental (Starting August)
>      (Stephen Hodgdon)
>   2. Missoula's 16th Annual Women's Fly Fishing and Fundraising
>      Event on June 18, 2016 (Stacy Jennings)
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> Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 23:37:41 -0600
> From: Stephen Hodgdon <sbhodgdon at gmail.com>
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> Subject: [MCN] Couple Seeking Longer Term Rental (Starting August)
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> Hello All, my girlfriend and I are seeking a new place to live. As I'm sure
> you've heard, this has become an even more daunting prospect recently, and
> it can be frustrating to say the least. I've decided to forgo the usual
> Craigslist postings and seek housing through alternative sources, and I
> figured this list-serve would be a good start.
> We would love to find a place to rent for at least two years while we save
> for our own home and I develop my business, as the rental shuffle has grown
> tiring. We would really like to have a yard to garden in, a decent kitchen,
> and garage or storage space, and  at least hookups for a washer and dryer.
> We would also like to be within 1.5-2 miles of downtown. Our price range is
> $350-$450 per person plus utilities, and realistically, we know that
> finding a space that meets our criteria and budget is more likely if we can
> share it with a roommate or two. Finally, we would ideally move into a
> place August 1st, or thereabouts, and could wait until as late as September
> 1st for the right situation.
> I'm 37 and my girlfriend will be 30 in October. I have lived in Missoula
> for 18 years and she for seven. I currently work for the Trailhead outdoor
> store, and have in varying capacity for the past seven years. The past two
> years I have also been working out of town traveling to oil spill cleanups
> and other environmentally related projects. In my free time I've been
> developing a food-based business, which is why I will now be working more
> locally for the foreseeable future.
> My girlfriend works as a staff member for the Montana Conservation Corps
> and has for four years. She spends a lot of time in the field in the summer
> making visits to the crews for support. She is a graduate of UM as well and
> has been involved in public land work for the past ten years. We both spend
> as much of our time as we can outdoors either working or recreating.
> If you have something or know of someone with a nice place for rent that is
> somewhat close to what I've described, please reach out to us, we want to
> entertain all options. We will be respectful, pay rent on time, and we both
> have good credit and stable incomes. We are willing and able to maintain a
> yard and shovel snow...and you won't have to fix the place after we live
> there, I can promise that. I can be reached at 529-7260. Thanks for your
> time,
> Steve
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> Subject: [MCN] Missoula's 16th Annual Women's Fly Fishing and
>    Fundraising Event on June 18, 2016
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> Missoula's 16th Annual Women's Fly Fishing Clinic
> June 18th ~ 10AM to 2PM at Frenchtown Pond
> Gear, lunch and a chance to win a new pair of Simms' women's waders
> included.
> Cost: $125
> This event benefits Montana Natural History Center's Summer Outdoor
> Discovery Camp Scholarship Fund.
> Register in person or online at
> http://www.kingfisherflyshop.com/blog/fly-fishing-classes/
> Borrow decades of experience and skill from two of Missoula's most tenured,
> professional fly fishing instructors.
> West to East.... fresh water to salt, Stacy Jennings and Erin Geiges have
> been teaching beginning to advanced fly fishing in Missoula since ...
> forever.
> Whether you're new to the sport or have been fishing a while, you'll enjoy
> learning specific and easy ways in which to get the distance, presentation,
> fish and FUN you want.
> Join them, June 18th.
> Stacy Jennings' Fly Fishing Schools
> <http://www.kingfisherflyshop.com/blog/fly-fishing-classes/>
> Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/flyfishingschools>
> 406.370.4027
> Virus-free. www.avast.com
> <https://www.avast.com/sig-email?utm_medium=email&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=sig-email&utm_content=webmail&utm_term=link>
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