[MCN] A reality check on net-metering

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Grist Jun 9, 2016
Solar panels don't raise regular utility rates - and might even lower them
By Heather Smith


In the early days of solar, there was some 
concern - nay, terror - of how it could destroy 
utilities and make power more expensive for all 
the plebes sans solar panels. A confession: Even 
Grist partook in such fearmongering:

Solar power and other distributed renewable 
energy technologies could lay waste to U.S. power 
utilities and burn the utility business model, 
which has remained virtually unchanged for a 
century, to the ground.

But we took it  back! 
Even if utility models crashed and burned, their 
customers - and the utilities themselves, if they 
were smart enough to adapt - would be just fine. 
That less apocalyptic, much chiller view of the 
end of utilities as we know them was recently 
confirmed by a new report from the Brookings 

So here's the good news: Residential solar 
(specifically net metering, which enables solar 
installations to sell surplus electricity back to 
the grid) has not destroyed any American 
utilities. Nor has it created a dystopia of solar 
panel-having fat cats who profit off the grid 
while ordinary ratepayers are forced to assume 
more and more of the cost of maintaining it.

End excerpt
"Just remember, this is not your grandfather's 
atmosphere. Things are different now, and will 
get even more-so in the coming years   Š   "


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