[MCN] "Peak fossil fuels" for electricity, and within a decade

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Fri Jun 17 11:11:27 EDT 2016

Excerpt: "The way we get electricity is about to change dramatically, 
as the era of ever-expanding demand for fossil fuels comes to an 
end-in less than a decade. That's according to a new forecast by 
Bloomberg New Energy Finance that plots out global power markets for 
the next 25 years. 

"Call it peak fossil fuels, a turnabout that's happening not because 
we're running out of coal and gas, but because we're finding cheaper 
alternatives. Demand is peaking ahead of schedule because electric 
cars and affordable battery storage for renewable power are arriving 
faster than expected, as are changes in China's energy mix. 

"Here are eight massive shifts coming soon to power markets."



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