[MCN] Money-politics: Free speech? or is it Secret speech?

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Sun Jun 26 19:51:29 EDT 2016

Washington Post--10 hours ago --"It's getting 
harder to know who is funding political 
advertising at the state level as more money 
becomes anonymous or is filtered from one 
political action committee to another, a new 
study finds."

When we don't know who the speaker is, do we 
still protect his or her or its speech on the 
same basis as we protect public speech?

"Free oxygen not only supports life; it arises from life."

"Louis Pasteur discovered that very sensitive 
organisms such as obligate anaerobes cannot 
tolerate oxygen concentrations above about 1 
percent of the present atmospheric level."

"What one can say with confidence is that success 
in understanding the oxygen cycle of the 
biosphere in truly broad terms will depend on how 
good we are at weaving together the related 
strands of biospheric, atmospheric, hydrospheric 
and lithospheric evolution throughout geologic 

"Š. the earth's atmosphere is so thoroughly mixed 
and so rapidly recycled through the biosphere 
that the next breath you inhale will contain 
atoms exhaled by Jesus at Gethsemane and Adolf 
Hitler at Munich."

Preston Cloud and Aharon Gibor. "The Oxygen Cycle."
Scientific American, September 1970
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