[MCN] michelle karcher show tomorrow night

Amy Martin rattlesnakecreek at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 14:42:21 EDT 2016

Hi all,

This is a quick plug for local musician Michelle Karcher, who's releasing
an EP of original songs at the VFW Tuesday night. Some of you might know
Michelle as Chelle Terwilliger (her former name) -- square dance caller,
member of Whippletree, old-time fiddler and much more. She'll be joined by
Travis Yost and John Sporman, two other local musicians whom you probably
already know and love. Michelle's set will be followed by more music from Love
is a Dog from Nebraska <https://themightytravis.bandcamp.com/> and New Old
Future <https://www.facebook.com/newoldfuture/>.

For years, Michelle has been supporting other people's music with her vocal
and instrumental talents. Now she's stepping forward and letting us hear
her own songs, her own voice, her own style. You're going to wonder what
took her so long. I've heard the songs and I can't quit singing them. This
is a show not to be missed.

Show is free and starts at 9:30. The VFW is next to Biga Pizza on Main

C'mon down!!

~ Amy Martin

P.S. Bring $5 so you can buy her EP!
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