[MCN] We need books! To support the Historical Museum's Annual Used Book Sale

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Tue Oct 11 16:53:47 EDT 2016

Hello Missoula!


Are you cleaning your house and have tons of books you don't know what to do
with? Donate them for a GREAT cause. Supporting your community's history!


The Friends of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula are gearing up for our
annual Book Sale in November and we are accepting donations of books. Please
contact Jessie to drop off books or schedule a pick-up and help us raise
funds for educational programs, new exhibits, restoration of our grounds and
historic buildings, community events, internships, and so much more!

Types of books we do not accept:
1.  Text books
2.  Computer or Finance books
     * If they are over 4 years' old
3.  Magazines
     * Unless they are MT related AND 
     * Are early editions AND 
     * Are a complete series 
4.  Travel guides that are not current
5.  If they have been wet, have mold or mildew.


Book Sale Dates:
November 10th through the 13th 
10:00AM -- 7:00PM - Thursday

10:00AM -- 5:00PM - Friday

10:00AM -- 5:00PM - Saturday
10:00AM -- 2:00PM on Sunday





Jessie Rogers


Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

406-728-3476, ext. 5

Cell: 406-240-3967


LIKE <https://www.facebook.com/historical.museum.at.fort.missoula?fref=ts>
us on Facebook to keep updated on events and exhibit openings! 


"History is not a burden on the memory, but an illumination of the soul!"
--- Lord Acton


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