[MCN] Housing wanted

Eva Rocke e.rocke1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 16:49:49 EDT 2016

Greetings Missoula Community,

I am a young professional at the university seeking a new housing situation
for the fall. I love my current spot and have great references, but am
looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or house to share with my senior canine
friend. He comes with excellent references, too.

It's a challenging time of year to find housing (especially affordable
housing) in Missoula, but I'm not in a huge rush. My current home is
month-to-month, so I can be patient to find the right home that works for
the long term (I have no plans to leave anytime soon).

I would appreciate any connections or leads from folks in town who own
rentals and are anticipating needing new tenants in the next few months. If
you email me with ideas I am happy to share a bit more about myself and
what I'm looking for.

Many thanks for any prospects!

*Eva Rocke*
Sustainability Coordinator
University of Montana
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