[MCN] Walk & Roll Missoula: Celebrating 25 Years of Bike Walk Bus Week

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Thu Sep 15 15:34:56 EDT 2016

>From September 16-24, we invite you to travel by bicycle, bus, or foot, celebrating healthy transportation as part of Walk & Roll Missoula: Celebrating 25 Years of Bike Walk Bus Week. Reward yourself for traveling sustainably around town with over 70 events and activities, including group bike rides, discounts and deals, free coffee and breakfast, festivals, parties, and more! Highlights include the Commuter Breakfast Blitz, KIDical Mass Family Bike Ride, Amazing Race Missoula, Lunar Cycle Full Moon Bike Ride, Way to Go! Club Member Party, and the 21st Annual Festival of Cycles.

Visit walkandrollmissoula.com for a complete listing of events.

Walk & Roll Missoula celebrates the healthy transportation choices many Missoulians already make while encouraging other folks to get around by some other means than alone in a car.

Replacing just a few car trips each week has dramatic effects on people's waistlines and wallets, not to mention rush hour traffic. Biking, walking, and riding the bus increases the efficiency of our roadways, which helps people get around quicker and saves taxpayer money by delaying and even negating the need for costly lane expansion projects. Forty percent (40%) of all trips people take are 2 miles or less, which is at most about a half hour walk or 10 minute bike ride.

Visit walkandrollmissoula.com for events, discounts, and special offers during September 16-24.

Let's Walk & Roll Missoula!

Happy Riding,
Caitlyn & Julia
Bicycle Ambassadors 2016
Missoula, MT

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