[MCN] S. 879 would greatly increase USFS logging, reduce safeguards and limit public involvement

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A new summary and analysis of S. 879, the “National Forest Ecosystem
Improvement Act” – which Senator Barrasso (R-WY) introduced on April 6 – is
available here: http://bit.ly/2osSTW8

It was put together by Mike Anderson at The Wilderness Society.

Below is Mr. Anderson’s summary of the bill.

“S. 879 would greatly increase logging of national forest lands, while
reducing environmental safeguards and opportunities for public involvement
in national forest management.

Annual acreage mandates for mechanical treatments would compel the Forest
Service to prioritize logging over all other uses and resources. Large
expanses of forest up to 15,000 acres in size could be logged with no
consideration of the impacts to water quality, wildlife habitat, or
recreational opportunities.

The legality of Forest Service management activities would be essentially
unchallengeable in court, removing an essential check on federal agency
compliance with the law.

Two bedrock environmental laws – NEPA and ESA – would be undermined. In
sum, the bill poses a serious threat to environmental stewardship, public
involvement, wildlife conservation, and the rule of law in the national

For more information, including a link to the text of the actual bill,
please visit:

TAKE ACTION: Please contact Senator Tester and Senator Daines' office and
tell them to oppose S. 879.

Senator Tester: 202-224-2644

Senator Daines: 202-224-2651
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