[MCN] Oil/gas industry encounters a disappointment

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Mon Feb 13 11:37:12 EST 2017

Financial Times

Oil and gas discoveries hit 60-year low

Companies are putting a brake on exploration and 
large fields are harder to find

Behind paywall at
"We are living on the surface of this planet Š 
and with its climate and atmosphere. It has 
always been the task of mankind to find the right 
answer to the problem these conditions set us, 
and even today we cannot think that we have found 
a sufficient answer." (p. 131)

"Social interest remains throughout life. It 
becomes differentiated, limited, or expanded and, 
in favorable cases, extends not only to family 
members but to the larger group, the nation, to 
all of mankind.  It can even go further, 
extending itself to animals, plants, and 
inanimate objects and finally even to the 
cosmos." (p. 136)

"Feeling-at-home is an immediate part of social 
interest. The life on this poor earth crust of 
one who has social interest runs its course as 
though he were at home." (p. 155)

Alfred Adler, quoted in The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler
by Heinz L. and Rowena R. Ansbacher.  1956. Basic Books

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