[MCN] climate polarization in US: 2 quick headlines w/links to full articles

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Mon Feb 27 08:52:11 EST 2017

States are trying to bring science denial to the classroom

Congressional climate deniers are getting called 
on their BS at town halls this week.

"Just remember, this is not your grandfather's 
atmosphere. Things are different now, and will 
get even more-so in the coming years   Š   "

"Income and Outgo of Heat from the Earth, and the 
Dependence of Its Temperature Thereon." A 
presentation by Abbot, Charles G., and F.E. 
Fowle, Jr. Annals of the Astrophysical 
Observatory (Smithsonian Institution, Washington 
DC) 2: 159-176. (1908).
"Š the race between climate dynamics and climate 
policy will be a close one Š." and " Š requires 
an industrial revolution for sustainability 
starting now."  Hans Joachim Schellenhuber. 
"Global warming: Stop worrying, start 
panicking?"Proceedings of the National Academy of 
Sciences September 23, 2008

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