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Come join us, Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD), at one or all of
our upcoming workshops!! Keep up to date through our Facebook page

DIY Bicycle Generators
<http://mudproject.org/event/bicycle-generator-workshop/> – July 14,
5-6:30pm @ Free Cycles $Free
Join artist Kyle Eding to turn a bicycle and some easy-to-find parts into a
working generator capable of charging phones or other battery powered
electronics. Participatns will discuss the principles of energy and how to
harness it with household scraps. The generator built during this workshop
will be part of a larger human-powered sculpture. Open to all ages.

Intro to Permaculture Design III: Summer/Building Environments for the
Future <http://mudproject.org/event/introtopermaculture3/> – *Natural
Building, Urban Stewardship of Waters, Soils and Air* – July 16,
10:00am-1pm @ MUD Site $20 MUD Member $40 Non-Member
Part 3 of our series, Rebuilding Our Eco-culture, will present the
foundations of Permaculture as a system for intentionally designing and
implementing solutions to address the pressing environmental and social
issues facing our society, for future generations of all life.

In this Summer/Natural Building & Design workshop, the group will discuss
how to design and build eco-cultural structures, which conserve, preserve
and responsibly steward the Earth’s finite resources, and our shared
waters, soils, and air. As our hands-on component, the group will build
either a seasonally-dynamic shade structure, a solar dehydrator, or both
(time/participants permitting)!

Earth Friendly Floral Design: Medicinal Centerpieces
<http://mudproject.org/event/medicinalcenterpiece/> – July 27 6:00-8:00pm @
MUD Site $20 MUD Member $40 Non-Member: This workshop has a limited number
of participants. Sign up by July 20!

Join Melissa Lafontaine, owner of Earth Within Flowers, for this month’s
installation of her Sun in Bloom series in partnership with MUD. Melissa
will teach about medicinal properties of flowers and basic design
principles that will guide participants in creating their own beautiful
centerpiece. Discuss the healing and spiritual benefits of local medicinal
herbs, flowers and foliage and tap into your intuition during the design
process at this hands-on workshop. Locally grown flowers, herbs, and a
vintage vase will be provided. All will be able to take home their

Earth Within Flowers offers the community an earth-friendly alternative to
flower sourcing. Melissa procures flowers from local and regional farmers
and ethically forages foliage from the natural environment. She is trained
as an herbalist and ethnobotanist and shares the sentimental and healing
nature of flowers through her designs.

Be Well,

Kevin O'Brien

Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA
Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD)
1527 Wyoming St. Missoula MT 59801
(406) 721-7513
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