[MCN] And great land management for fire, too: Another under-reported slice of the story

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Mon Jul 24 11:00:09 EDT 2017

"Transport corridors, specifically roads, are also good predictors of human-caused ignitions (Cardille et al. 2001; Narayanaraj and Wimberly 2012). Roads are thought to be a proxy for ignition agents such as discarded cigarettes or sparks released from dragging automobile parts, and accessibility linked to human recklessness such as fireworks, barbecues and arson. Recreational sites and trails can also be a major source of human-caused ignitions because hiking and camping often include the building of a campfire that has the potential to spark and grow as a wildfire if left unattended (Pew and Larsen 2001; Reid and Marion 2005).”

http://www.publish.csiro.au/wf/pdf/WF16108 <http://www.publish.csiro.au/wf/pdf/WF16108>

And this:

"ignition enabled by roads creates a situation where nearly all wildfires originate ….." 

http://www.pacificbio.org/publications/wildfire_studies/Roads_And_Wildfires_2007.pdf <http://www.pacificbio.org/publications/wildfire_studies/Roads_And_Wildfires_2007.pdf>

“The most painful and expensive way to deal with global climate change will be to ignore it until 
something happens that elicits powerful public demands for immediate and Draconian action.”
Jonathan Lash. “As the earth heats up. “  
Journal of Commerce, August 16, 1996.
“Localized ecological systems are known to shift abruptly and irreversibly from one state 
to another when they are forced across critical thresholds. Here we review evidence that 
the global ecosystem as a whole can react in the same way and is approaching a 
planetary-scale critical transition as a result of human influence."

Barnovsky et al. Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere. Nature Volume 486, 07 June 2012


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