[MCN] Breeding cows that defend themselves against predators

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The Economist Feb 23rd 2017

Breeding cows that can defend themselves against jaguars
If big cats don't kill livestock, farmers won't shoot them

I've reached my limit of free reads from The 
Economist, but you might have access here (may 
require registration):
"Politicians strain to outdo each other with 
promises to 'get tough' on crime and to bring law 
and order back to the streetsŠ.There is no 
question that common street crime is an important 
social concern. But its image has become so 
bloated in the mirror of public opinion that it 
blocks our view of the white collar crimes which 
are both more costly and more dangerous to 

James Coleman. The Criminal Elite. 1985. St. Martin's Press
"In a corrupt environment, resources will be 
directed toward such non-productive areas as the 
police, armed forces and other organs of social 
control and repression as the elites move to 
protect themselves, their positions and their 
material wealth."

John McFarlane. Transnational Crime, Corruption 
and Crony Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century. 
Transnational Organized Crime. Vol. 4 No. 2, 
Summer 1998
" Š the main dangers to the success of capitalism 
are the very people who would consider themselves 
its most ardent advocates : the bosses of 
companies, the owners of companies, and the 
politicians who tirelessly insist that they are 

"Many of the corporate scandals that America, 
especially, has endured in recent years reflect 
outright criminality. A lawful order knows what 
to do with criminals, and pro-business 
politicians are in truth militantly 
anti-capitalist if they flinch from cracking down 
on bosses' crimes."

"Š widespread and quite outrageous abuse, by 
capitalists, of capitalism Š The danger exists 
everywhere in the world, but it matters most in 
the United States."

The Economist, Special 160th Anniversary Issue, A 
Survey of Capitalism and Democracy, June 26-July 
4, 2003

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