[MCN] The Colstrip Power Plant Community Event

John Meyer john at cottonwoodlaw.org
Tue Apr 24 15:59:19 EDT 2018

I forgot to say that thanks to Madeline for putting this on. 

Cottonwood has a lawsuit going against the Public Service Commission to life for the cap on the amount of renewable energy that can be met-metered. 

People are saying Northwestern is against renewable energy—they have lobbied heavily to limit the amount of renewables that can be generated. 

Because Northwestern is publically traded and they own one unit of Colstrip they have an incentive to continue burning coal and kill us all. 

If a lawsuit was brought against Northwestern for polluting water or the air they might have to put up some money in case they lose. That would depress the value of their stock. Maybe Schweitzer could help facilitate a hostile take over of Northwestern. Didn’t he work on the Stillwater mine?

If a group of socially minded investors took over Northwestern they could do a lot of good. 

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> On Apr 24, 2018, at 11:48 AM, info meyer for montana via Missoula-Community-News <missoula-community-news at bigskynet.org> wrote:
> In preparation for my presentation to the Flathead County Dems on April 28th they have asked me for bullet points about my campaign for Congress. 
> I would appreciate any feedback on what I put together and I would be grateful if you can donate $5 or $10 for gas. 
> Start a clean energy revolution
>     Colstrip is the largest carbon polluter in the American West.
>        - Convert Colstrip into a wind and solar manufacturing facility.
>             • Employ people for manufacturing jobs.
>             • Ship the manufactured wind turbines and solar panels all across the country. 
>             • Employ people for rooftop solar installation jobs. 
>             • Install large scale wind and solar arrays on Native American lands in southeast Montana. 
>                  - Tie the energy into the grid at Hardin. 
>             • Work with the Governor of Montana and the MT legislature to re-regulate electricity. All electricity that is made in Montana stays in Montana. 
>                  This will lower energy costs for all Montanans. 
>             • Create new sustainable energy degrees at MSU Billings, Little Bighorn College and Chief Dull Knife.
>                   -  Majors in technology and innovation, installation, marketing. 
> Thanks Missoula. 
> Have a great day,
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