[MCN] Fossil fuel economy not friendly to outdoor recreation economy

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Across the United States, tick- and mosquito-borne diseases, some potentially lethal, are emerging in places and volumes not previously seen. 
Climate change almost certainly is to blame, according to a 2016 report <https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4329145-2016-Health-Impacts-of-Climate-Change-in-US-Report.html> by 13 federal agencies …

https://grist.org/article/an-army-of-deer-ticks-carrying-lyme-disease-is-advancing-it-will-only-get-worse/ <https://grist.org/article/an-army-of-deer-ticks-carrying-lyme-disease-is-advancing-it-will-only-get-worse/>

“Heat waves, sporadic events of extreme heat, pose a threat to human life. ….  our choices for deadly heat are now between more of it or a lot more of it.”

"Cell damage from thermal and chemical injury (through heat cytotoxicity and ischemia, respectively) can affect the functioning of several organs. 

"In the heart, compounding factors of heat cytotoxicity, ischemia, and hypokalemia (ie, a potassium deficiency because of sweating and urination) can lead to the fragmentation of the myocardium. This assault on the heart muscle increases the risk of cardiac arrest because of the loss of myofibrillar striations and decreases the effectiveness of the body to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Stress on the heart can be further exacerbated by dehydration, which thickens the blood and causes vasoconstriction, increasing risks of coronary thrombosis and stroke. 

"Cell damage from heat cytotoxicity and ischemia can lead to other serious conditions, such as acute tubular necrosis in the kidneys, permanent loss of brain function, liver endotoxins in the blood, inflammation of the pancreas, and not enough oxygen getting to the lungs and into the blood because of injury of the pulmonary endothelium.”

Camilo Mora et al. Twenty-Seven Ways a Heat Wave Can Kill You: Deadly Heat in the Era of Climate Change. Circ Cardiovascular Qual Outcomes 


DOI: 10.1161/CIRCOUTCOMES.117.004233 

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