[MCN] Plus-45 Softball Players Wanted

Jeffrey J. Smith yswolfhowl at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 11:43:39 EST 2018

The Burnt Pies has a proud history dating back to the opening of the
Zimorino Brother's restaurant -- Red Pies Over Montana on Main Street. (The
one that burnt down) In early years a fierce rivalry developed with a team
started by James Crumley called The Montana Review of Books.

But, sadly, we all get older and the two teams became amalgamated and
joined the plus-45 men's league more than a decade ago. And now injuries
and the angels from the world beyond have called away many of our
stalwarts. In recent years the team has taken on an enviro-tinge, with new
players from Missoula's environmental community hitting balls over the
fence (really) and making shoe-string catches in center.

This spring, we need a few good men. We're focused on enjoying ourselves,
not sliding into second spikes-high. There will be 20 games starting in
May, two a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting times at 6, 7:15, or
8:30. It costs $40. In recent years we've played exclusively at McCormick
Field downtown and the Northside Field. (But there are rumors we'll also
play games at the new fields at Fort Missoula this summer.)

So . . . if you're male, over 45, and want to get some exercise, have some
fun, please write me a text at yswolfhowl at gmail.com. Our first practice is
usually at the Northside Field on Easter Sunday. Bonus points if you know
what a Texas leaguer is, when to call the infield fly rule, if you still
feel like telling the ump to get a new prescription for eyeglasses after he
or she misses a call.

Jeff Smith
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